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How To Become An Actor

The American Dream Job.

As you become a more seasoned actor and even start working on a few projects, it will be important for you to continue your training. As with any profession, you must continue to grow and learn and to develop your skills if you want to stay ahead of the game. As well as move up the ladder or success. The more you master them, the more you will work because the better you will be. When you start out there will be many places you can turn to for advanced training. It might be a good idea to hire an acting coach who can work with you one on one. They can help you build your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Make sure that you find someone who has a proven track record and great personal experience. Be weary of the many scams that are out there (see pg.__ for more details on scams). If you were in the LA area a good place to go for acting tips would be UCLA or USC. These two schools have a high reputation and provide many wonderful seminars on the industry. Look in the resources section of this booklet for contact information.

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