Cash B's

How To Become An Actor

The American Dream Job.

It is always good to have a way to pay your bills when striving to become a working actor. Acting classes and auditions can take a lot of time and not allow for a full time job. So if you don’t have family or friends that will let you stay with them for free, then you need a flexible job that caters to actors. Many of today’s superstars were waiters or bartenders at one point in their lives. Harrison Ford was a set carpenter before getting his break on Star Wars. The best type of job to get is a night or weekend job because most auditions are during weekdays. If you can’t pay the bills and feed yourself, you will soon find your attention drawn away from acting. It is a good idea for anyone thinking about moving to New York or LA, to have at least $4000 or $5000 saved up to fall back on.

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