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How To Become An Actor

The American Dream Job.

When Will Smith calls to invite you back for a second audition, you want to know about it as soon as possible. The last thing that he wants to hear is a ringing phone with no answering machine. It also does him no good if he does get a machine that isn’t check until you get home from work, the next day. When people in the acting world want to get in touch with you, they want to do it NOW! If have a pager with great voice mail then you will be able to get back to them within 30 minutes: this is good. What’s better is if you have a cell phone and answer it personally when they call. Many times a casting director needs a last minute replacement and will give it to the first qualified person who answers the phone. Make sure you are that person because Will Smith needs a co-star today. Have a great digital cell phone with a good calling plan.

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