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How To Become An Actor

The American Dream Job.

How To Get Your 10 Minutes Of Fame

How to get on a TV Show as a Guest, Contestant or human interest personality.

How To Get Your Animal Onto Letterman's Dumbest Animal Tricks

Featured Role
small speaking role
Guest Star Role
a television role that is a speaking role but only get to act in one episode. You can sometimes negotiate your featured role to be listed as a guest starring role.
bigger than a breadbox, but not the rolls royce. In other words it is a role that is larger than a guest-starring role but not a starring role.
Supporting Role
a film title that usually denotes a speaking role that is msaller than a starring role, but you're in a few scenes at least.
Recurring Role
A Recurring role is one in which you appear in numerous eousides (TV) as the same charactor.
Regular Role
A regular role is a TV role in which you are one of the main characters and show up in most of the shows.
Starring Role
The big cheese, the big bucks and the big ego usually. Just kidding. This is the Main Actor who gets the main credits.
Super Star
These are guest appearences by really big name talent that may appear in one or two episodes or in the film and might even get a bigger credit than the Staring role actor.

Cartoon/VoiceOver and charactor voice-

Print, Ads and Still- Glamor, hand, foot, type-


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