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How To Become An Actor

The American Dream Job.

Scams happen everyday all around this country. People claim to be great acting coaches with the best connections. They charge you $500 a week to learn things that they read in a book right before class. There are scams by people who claim to be talent managers. They charge you nothing, but won’t represent you unless you get a new head shot done by their $1500 an hour photographer and take classes with a famous acting instructor for $2000. All this will help you be the best and of course give them a 15% kickback. This is how they make their money while seeming to be legitimate.

When watching out for scams, it is important to know who you are dealing with. Check references and understand where you money is going. As and actor you should never pay for any type of representation. If you are good enough, then they will represent you for a percentage of what you make. If someone wants you to get something done like new head shots or lessons, then offer to do it with your own sources. If they get upset or try even harder to use their source then be skeptical.

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