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How To Become An Actor

The American Dream Job.

You got the breakdown for Mel’s movie and submitted your head shot. The casting director was impressed and has invited you in for an audition. You arrive to a rented hall somewhere and there are ten other actors waiting to audition. You check in with the assistant hoping that you will get to meet Mel personally. As you wait you instinctively begin to network with some of the people next to you. Then your name is called and you go in.

In the room are a table and a few chairs, but no Mel Gibson. The casting director and his assistant are the only ones present. No problem you will just have to nail the part so that you can meet him later. The assistant gives you a few lines to read and some directions. Already in character when you came in, you do what is instructed and read your lines for a camera. This last for about 60 seconds and then you are done. The casting director asks you to do it again, but with new direction. You comply without ever breaking character. This is important because they don’t want to see you; they want to see the character you can be.

When they are finally done they thank you and give you the most famous line in show business: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” That’s that, and so you leave with the confidence of someone who has just gotten the part. This is good for two reasons. First, there is nothing more you can do, if they like you then everything will work out. If they don’t like you, worrying about it won’t solve anything. Secondly, by coming out of the room with great confidence, you will make some of actors auditioning after you nervous. Hey, this is a competitive business and you want to be the one who gets to make a movie with Mel Gibson.

Just remember to be relaxed when you go into an audition and be professional. If you get angry with a casting director for not thinking you are right for the part, they will remember it and so will every casting director they know. It is also a good idea to know what type of character they are looking for so that you can become that character. And last but not least, make auditioning fun. If you are having fun and still getting the character right, they will take notice. Everyone likes to work around fun people.

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