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Every game show's audition process is a little different from the rest.

The Exception to all the other Shows - THE PRICE IS RIGHT

One of the coolest Game Show auditions is for the Price is Right. The Producers choose contestants right from the line of people waiting to get into the show outside the studio. There are usually around 300 people lined up waiting to get into the show on any given day. During the summer months and holiday season contestant wannabes can start arriving at CBS on Fairfax and Beverly Boulevard in Hollywood as early as 4 or 5 AM. Yup, you heard rightÂ…5 AM in the morning, and still there is no guarantee that you will even get a seat at the show, nonetheless get picked to be a contestant on it.

The Producers actually go down the line to interview the audience members and choose their contestants. They will interview the 300 people in groups of ten and choose a total of 9 to be on the show right then and there. Of course they won't you who has been picked until the show is being filmed. They will probably ask you very simple questions like "Where are you from" or "What do you do for a living", though the actual questions and selection process is a well-guarded secret. What the Producers are looking for are fun people. People that are excited and very vocal probably have the best chance of being picked. This is the only show that does this, and the only show where you can audition, become a contestant and win a car, all in the same day.

The Game Show Audition

Other shows have a more formal process. The following is a sample of the process for shows like "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader", "Jeopardy", "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", and "Wheel of Fortune." Remember that the test taken during the audition of these shows and the mock game played will differ according to the show's difficulty. In other words, "Jeopardy" auditions will be more difficult than Wheel of Fortune."

First, you must pick the show or shows you wish to audition for. Nothing wrong with setting up auditions for more than one show on your Vacation. Then you will have to submit an application to the show

The show's Contestant Coordinator will then call you if they are interested in having you audition for the show.


Once you are given an audition time, arrive on time or better yet 15-20 minutes early. You will be going somewhere new for the first time. There's traffic to contend with, new security measures at the studios and movie stars to sight on the way to the interview. Carry a pen and a great attitude. From the time that you walk into the room, the Contestant Coordinator is checking out your energy level and personality. They are listening to your voice and how you express yourself. Be sure that you are very vocal without being obnoxious and have a lot of energy, without bouncing off the walls. Interact with those seated around you while following directions. Let your personality shine. Dress comfortably and appropriately to match the general look of the show.


Once the formalities are out of the way, the Contestant Coordinator will explain to everyone the legal requirements for filling out the paperwork and taking the test. They will brief you on the rules and then tell you about the mock game to be played by those who pass the written test. These tests may be anywhere from 20 to 50 questions and are essential to eliminating applicants. They may be very hard or tricky and not everyone will pass them. Because of Standards and Practices, the Contestant Coordinator will not tell you what the answers are or how many questions it takes to pass. They will only tell you who passed.

When the test is over and graded, the Coordinator will ask those that passed to stay, and those that failed will be thanked and asked to leave. If you failed, you can usually re-audition in about 6 or 12 months. Typically, only about 35% of the applicants will pass the test. The good news is that you passed and now the fun begins. The Contestant Coordinator will now give everyone instructions on how the game is played and how contestants must act. This is very important, because the Coordinator will spend much of the rest of the audition watching who can follow directions and who cannot. You must be able to listen and follow directions if you expect to make it on to the show.

Get links to most game show's contestant submission website

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