B.H. Dyas Co. (The Broadway)
(now Offices & Condos)

6300 Hollywood Blvd
1927 - Fred R. Dorn

This corner was originally part of the Stern family ranch, which was later split into parcels and commercially developed. The corner site was excellent for the Boulevard's first major department store and B.H. Dyas commissioned a building in the Renaissance-commercial style, popular inthe 1920's for it connotation of prosperity and taste. The interior was luxuriously appointed by the firm of Postle and Postle. Would-be Shirley Temples could even take acting lessons in the 8th. floor loggia while mother shopped.

The store became part of the Broadway chain in 1931, and in 1938 and addition was built to the west along Hollywood Boulevard. But by then the classical style was in disfavor among those who believed in "modern" architecture, and so the addition was built in the International Style by the firm of Parkinson and Parkinson. The two buildings are reluctantly tied together at the ground level, but above it the addition brooked no compromise with its old-fashioned neighbor.

ALSO POINT OUT : The Plaza Hotel original location of Clara Bow's "IT" Cafe and the trees in back which were originally part of the Stern estate.

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