The Egyptian Theater (United Artists)

6712 Hollywood Blvd
1921 - Meyers & Holler

One of the greatest revival styles of the 1920's was Egyptian revival. The discovery of King Tut's tomb spurred designs in the Egyptian mode during the 1920's. However, the tomb was discovered after the Egyptian was built, the design was chosen because it was cheaper than Spanish Revival.

The original theater was a 'Temple of Egyptian Art'. Movie-goers passed through a courtyard lined with palms, past a fountain and a row of Middle Eastern shops; the interior was appointed with hieroglyphics, pyramidal designs, and replicas of the sphinx. Some Egyptian motifs remain inside, including the lobby murals and the auditorium ceiling with its golden sunburst and the scarab over the proscenium. The theater opened on October 18, 1922 with Robin Hood starring Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

The theater was truely a fantasy styled theater. Cecil B. DeMille premiered his first version of The Ten Commandments here.

In 1949 the entrance was extensively remodeled to represent the flowing Nile River, and was carried out in the then-latest style of 'flight' - curves taken from rocket trajectories, and boomerang - shaped coffee tables.

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