The Hollywood Equitable Building

6253-6263 Hollywood Blvd
1929 - Aleck Corlett

The third tall building built at Hollywood-and Vine, therby establishing the importance of the intersection. Design in the late 1920's moved away from the-ornate, classical forms found on the Taft and Dyas buildings constructed a-few years earlier. In architecture the "Modern" styles of this period looked less to the past for inspiration and more to the creative spirit of the 20th Century. In-this building we see an attempt to break from tradition, yet not to offend its two older neighbors across the street. The exterior decoration is reminiscent of the Gothic: gargoyles support the-fifth-floor balconies, and a copper tipped medieval roof steeply pitched so it can be seen from across the street - caps the southeast corner. Yet the decoration is highly stylized: it is in fact not Gothic, but an abstract evocation of the old design traditions, and the piers between the windows shoot up above the roof in the fashion of Art Deco.

ALSO NOTE: The Howard Johnson's was originally the Laemmle Building designed by Richard Neutra in the 1930's, and next door, the Cave Theater was formerly Sardi's designed by Rudolph Schindler.

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