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So where is all of this tinsel and glitter. Well, traces of Hollywood's past do remain. You just have to know where to look to find them. C'mon, let's go back a few years in time...

Hollywood in the 1930's and the 1940's. It was a magical place. A town where celebrities would dance the night away at the Hollywood Palladium (still going strong as a rock venue AT 6365 SUNSET BLVD.), the Ambassador Hotel's Coconut Grove where crooner Merv Griffin would knock 'em dead...or maybe just cruse the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's Cinegrill lounge across from Grumman's Chinese Theater.

Touring cars and limousines would parade many of Hollywood's most famous residents down winding hillside roads to Hollywood Blvd. (originally known as Prospect Ave.) or the Sunset Strip for a night on the town. Often these star caravans would come together at yet another no-holds barred Hollywood movie premier!

Movie palaces such as Graumans Chinese and Egyptian theaters were constantly rolling out the red carpet for America's cinema heroes. Out they came, from Gloria Swanson to Clark Gable to Marilyn Monroe. Stars would enter the movie houses to the sound of screaming fans, and the sight of searchlights flooding the balmy Los Angeles night sky.

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