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Hollywood Acting Scams

Exclusively for by Morgan Flynn Averill

Many Talant and Casting Companies offer real help and opportunities to newcomers, but before you hand over nay of your money do hesitate to ask questions. How long have they been in business? Can you verify the success rates they are promising? Will they put their promises in writing? If you are not sure about the company's answers or reputation, contact the Better Business Bureau or the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement for more information. Do not allow yourself to be talked into getting an expensive or two well done portraits may be enough to get you started. And don't let yourself be swayed by flattery or high pressure sales .

Your raw talent and determination are your only limitations in the highly competitive business of motion pictures and television. Be sure your money and time are well spent with the right people in order to bring you closer to Hollywood Stardom.

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