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Hollywood Acting Scams

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When 18 year old Cathey went to a talent marketing firm whose radio ads promised that the company would pick up all costs in the training of new, talented individuals, she made an appointment to see an interviewer. There, it was explained to her that before they could put out any money to train her, Cathey would have to take a 'talent potential evaluation test' which cost $250. If the test showed that she had a sufficient amount of talent, then she would receive discounts on professional services from participating businesses. Who would also receive a $100 dollar scholarship for each $100 dollars she invested in herself. She was smart...she did not sign

The TALENT MARKETING FIRM cannot, by law aid you in finding work. They function only as a advisor to their clients, helping with photographs, make-up classes and acting/modeling instruction. These services are usually provided by them for a substantial fee and they do not guarantee that you will ever find employment in the entertainment industry. Only you can judge if the services they can offer would be of benefit to you or if the value of their services is superior that offered through less expensive outlets, such as community college or local theater groups.

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