The Hollywood Wax Museum (Montmarte Cafe)

6767 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 462-5991
1922 - Meyer and Holler

Above the Hollywood Wax Museum remains aother example of a Spanish Colonial Revival building with Churrigueresque ornamentation on the upper story. It was originally arcaded at the street level, but only the two arches at the entrance to the Wax Museum remain.

This was the site of one of Hollywood's most famous night spots - The Montmarte. The Montmarte was 'the spot' for fans and stars alike. It was a favorite of Rudolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson, Pola Negri, Charlie Chaplin, and Joan Crawford. Bing Crosby made his Los Angeles singing debut here.

The combination of stars and fans got to be a bit much for the stars and Eddie Brandstetter, the owner, built an exclusive club for the stars next door, The Embassy Club. The Embassy Club was a place in the 1930's where celebrities could dine in privacy.

You can't miss the beautiful entryway to the Hollywood Wax Museum. The Hollywood Wax museum is a must for the tourist visiting Hollywood. We're off to see The Hollywood Wax Museum.  Don't miss it. The Hollywood Wax museum sits just east of the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

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