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My Life As A Location Scout

Los Angeles is a playground of unique

By the year 1917, suburban Los Angeles was undoubtedly known as the motion picture capital of the world. Since then, filmmakers have scoured the city’s diverse and vast landscape in search of the right backdrop to set a film. From the tropical Pacific Ocean, to the cedar trees in the Angeles National Forest, to the forever growing metropolis of high-rise buildings in downtown, Los Angeles is a playground of unique and intriguing spaces and places, perfect for posing as anywhere but itself on the silver screen!

Location Scouting Has Some Inherent Dangers

Scouting for film and television can be exciting, adventurous and sometimes dangerous. Driving far more than the average person (and that means sitting in lots of traffic), a Location Scout finds him/herself zigg-zagging across the city while photographing it at the same time. Each day is a new journey with a variety of new Angelinos to meet along the way, from business or homeowners, neighbors, parking attendants, and business men, to pastors, city officials, rangers and garbage men--some descent and some not.

This, however, is not where my job stops. Scouting for a location and NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS… IMPORTANT…successfully securing it for filming is just the beginning of the process. Then comes the tricky part: Location Managing.

Filming on location requires the perfect planning of what is usually a logistical nightmare.

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