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My Life As A Location Scout

You need more than just Film School to be a Location Scout

Film school may teach students the umbrella basics of the industry, but it leaves so many of it’s niche jobs unexplained and unidentified. Location Scouting is one of these jobs. Although not typically considered and remembered in the filmmaking process, Location Managing/Scouting is an extremely important piece to an epic and collaborative puzzle. If any of the “puzzle pieces” are missing, just as if any jobs in the filmmaking process are missing, the puzzle can not be completed. Each job serves an equally unique and important purpose--or “piece”-- in the movie making puzzle.

In analyzing my career options, I used a simple formula: ...I knew my future career had to be film based, and, after taking photography classes as electives, I knew that my career should, in some way, embody photography. From there, I threw in a few other artistic elements that intrigued me, like the architectural and pictorial characteristics of Los Angeles. Location Managing and Scouting became the final concoction of my favorite artistic interests squished together; and the best part was that I knew it had the potential to provide a steady income.

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