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My Life As A Location Scout

Considered one of the hardest jobs in the business

Even though scouting and managing is considered to be one of the hardest and most grueling jobs in the business, it is also known for being a department which, most of the time, receives very little respect. This may be due to the fact that Managing/Scouting is still in its infant stages of job-hood. Although filmmakers have been scouting for locations since the movie industry moved to the west coast, Location Managing/Scouting became specified as an actual job only thirty years ago, whereas other industry jobs had been established positions for several decades before that. Or, it may be due to other crewmembers’ lack of knowledge regarding what Managing/Scouting actually entails.

Location Scouts work 12-14 hour days

Whatever the reason may be, Location Managing/Scouting is a specialty job that has yet to see the proper benefits and respect it deserves. On top of this, the average Manager or Scout will work 12-14 hours a day. (But keep in mind, this is an average day.) A rough day may consist of a wake-up call at 3am, guaranteeing first arrival on set, and then working until 10pm. The tremulous lifestyle of a Manager/Scout can often weight heavy.

So aside from the painfully long hours and lack of respect, this job is a “catch”! No, it really is a “catch”. However, it is a job that must be done with heart and soul. Managing and Scouting is best left to those who love to meet people (even weird people) and go places (even if it may be dangerous).

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