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My Life As A Location Scout

When a film company goes on location, it is not a small and unnoticeable event…it’s the opposite, really. Filming on location requires the perfect planning of what is usually a logistical nightmare. Once the crew and equipment leave the confines of a backlot and enter the public streets, it is up to the Locations Department to plan the company’s arrival, film-time, and the departure from their location.

The “to-do list” never ends: contracts with property owners must be legally filed; hours must be spent meeting neighbors and getting their approval (or disapproval) for filming in their neighborhood; permits must be “pulled” through the city; parking must be found for every crewmembers’ car, every large production vehicle (which includes ten to twenty ton trucks and several trailers), and every last piece of equipment. And oh no, it does not end here! Where are the porta-potties going to go?…(they always need to be close by). Where is the catering truck going to serve food? Then…where is the crew going to eat? Where are 100 background actors going to chill-out while they aren’t working? Just when the job seems to be done, something falls through or changes, and, once again, you are back to the drawing board. There is no end to this, often, thankless job.

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