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My Life As A Location Scout

As I hear these words echo the halls of the film production office, I begin my daily routine of scouting, exploring and dissecting the streets of Los Angeles in search of the perfect spot to set a story in a motion picture. It is my responsibility to translate both the screenwriter’s description and the director’s vision into a pictorial representation of the proper location. After reading through the current production script, paying close attention to the locations described by the screenwriter, I’m off. My car serving as a makeshift office, an L.A. Thomas Guide permanently resting in my lap, and always armed with my camera close by, I come face to face with The City of Angels searching far and wide for my artistic vision and the right locale to set the mood and tone of a film or television show.

I am a Teamster Location Manager and Scout for television and film.

This is my job (as well as my livelihood) and for the last five years of my life, everyday has brought new adventures full of interesting places and millions of new faces.

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