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My Life As A Location Scout

Aside from personal enjoyment of the job, there are also life long benefits to becoming a Manager/Scout. Once a Scout has obtained union status, they are eligible to join the protÈgÈes ranks, of the Teamsters Union. As a member of this historically powerful union, Managers/Scouts are granted, what is considered to be, one of the best health care plans around. With a good pension plan, and a somewhat “financially well set up” contract in place, Managers and Scouts have the potential to live comfortable lifestyles.

In order to gain union status, a Manager/Scout must work on the same union television show or film for thirty days. However, in order for a non-union Manager/Scout to be hired onto a union show (to obtain his/her “thirty days”), there can not be even a single other union status Manager/Scout on the union call board (a list available for union Managers/Scouts to add their name to if looking for work).

Getting into the Teamsters Union

Getting into the Teamsters Union is all about meeting the right people at the right time. It is not about luck. It is about persistence. It takes meeting a hundred locations managers and producers, having nobody remember your name at the right times…until…one time, someone does. From here, it’s about staying current and well-oiled in photography skills, computer skills, people skills, organization, geographical know-where and, of course, the ability to drive around all day in circles (usually in traffic) without getting frustrated.

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