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"I'm thrilled to be asked to host the Academy Awards for the second time because, as they say, the third time's a charm," Host Jon Stewart.


Hosted By: Jon Stewart



There is a very interesting and special person out there by the name of Otto Spoerri. 

Ever hear of him?


How did he get this job?

It's time to appreciate this man, who after 20 plus years with the Academy will be retiring soon.

He is the man who decides who will sit where and next to whom.  Talk about art meeting science.  Think of all the people who live day to day exerting their high powered agents kudos and the studio mogels who use their influence and barbagning tools to enhance their celebritys careers and their bottom line bank account. Everyone has an opinion as to who should sit where, and next to whom.

Think about everyone wanting a seat. There are only two tickets given to each nominee.

I think I may offer Cruise a thousand for his extra ticket.   Think again.  

Think what would happen if you put ex's together at the same table, or winners and losers together. You don't want a picture of one person winning and four guys sitting next to him with sour faces says Spoerri. 

And when you do think about these things, think of Otto Spoerri, and what he goes to bed thinking about.  What a way to make a living.  Where do I send my resume?

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