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Who can be a Game show Contestant?
The Audition Process
Playing The Game
Suggestions For Having a Good Audition
Game Day / Day of the filming
What Happens When The Show Is Over?
Game Show Contestant Submissions


Next you will get the chance to play a mock version of the game. At this time, a Head Producer of the show will come in to evaluate you and help out the Coordinator. They are looking to see how you will respond to the pressure of being in the game like situation. They are looking at your personality and attitude. They want to see your smile because the camera is always watching. The Producer and Coordinator are also looking to see who can actually play the game well. They only want the best; so you must be good at the game, as well reveal you terrific personality.


When the day is done you will be thanked for your time and then you will hear the most famous words in Hollywood: "Don't call us, we'll call you." If you have made it into the files of potential contestants, you will likely be called within a week. If you make it into that special file, remember that you are not guaranteed to actually be on the show. It only means that you have qualified. If you don't get the call, you can re-audition in 6 to 12 months.

Get links to most game show's contestant submission website

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