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How To Become a PA

(Production Assistant) or TV Studio Page

The Perfect Entry Level Job into the Industry.

A Production Assistant commonly known as a PA is someone who assists in the making of a movie, television show or video. No production can properly function without PA’s because they are the bridge that connects every job, both on the set and in the production office. The PA is a major key ingredient in every production. They will do all the small tasks that makes everybody else’s job easier and come together. They can be found helping Directors, Producers, Assistant Directors (AD) and office personnel. The PA does what ever it takes to keep these people happy. In the process of doing their job well, they will experience and learn the many facets of film and TV production. A PA position is a perfect entry level job into the many facets of the film industry.

As a PA you will have many roles and wear many hats. As well as being a great coffee maker and errand runner, you will be a vital asset in helping a set run smoothly. A PA might assist in keeping the set area quiet during filming, stop strangers from wandering on to the set and relay messages to different crewmembers. As a PA on the set, you will almost always help out with the extras. It is also your job to help the Second AD (called “the 2nd”), make the First AD’s (called “the 1st”), job easier.

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