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How To Become a PA

(Production Assistant) or TV Studio Page

You are here at last. Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, the home of the Oscars, the Studio gates opening onto the sacred homes of film and TV…Paramount, NBC, Universal, Disney, CBS…they are all here. The hills cry out the name HOLLYWOOD in 30-foot letters. Limos come and go. You pass city streets and neighborhoods blocked by Cops, Production trucks, and huge kelog lights lighting up whole city blocks. There are actors and cameras everywhere. Your heart cries out, “I want to be a part of all this magic”. You are young and talented …you want in and are ready to do what it takes to be in “the Industry”.

First, we want to tell you is that it is not necessary to live in New York or Los Angeles to learn and work in film. You can become part of a film crew in a major city close to where you live. There is production taking place through out the United States. Anywhere you live, can be a great place to learn the craft, language, and get your foot in.


A great way and probably easiest way to unlock the doors to the production side of “Show Biz” is to become a Production Assistant (PA). If something needs to be done on the set of a television show, movie, or video you can be sure that a PA had something to do with it.

Power is Knowledge and being a PA is a great way to begin building your base of knowing who does what as well as how and why. The PA is the cement that holds things together. This booklet will put you on the rewarding and exciting path of working in this “key” position in production.

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