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How To Become a PA

(Production Assistant) or TV Studio Page

Producers, distributors, ad’s, cameramen, crafts of all sorts…in other words everyone

The 1st AD

The 1st Assistant Director (also called the 1st AD or just the 1st) is the person who actually runs a production set for the director. This allows the director to concentrate on more of the creative side of production. This includes keeping all department members and crew on the same page with one other. These crew departments make many big decisions that affect the film making process, so making sure they work together is extremely important. The 1st AD does all this with the help of the 2nd AD.

The 2nd AD

The 2nd AD (often just called the 2nd) is primarily in charge of the extras throughout the day. He or she will block and direct the extras. The 2nd also does most of the paperwork that is required in a production. All this and more is accomplished with the assistance of their PAs.

Ok…you’re asking what or if you’re going to ever be working with the director…not often as a PA… actually probably never. You need to move up the production ladder to join the inner circle on set.

The better PA you are, the easier the 2nd AD’s job is, and then the easier the 1st AD’s days will be. This means the director’s job is easier, which means you are more valuable and more liked. Bottom line, the more valuable you are, the more you will work. And the more you work, the faster you will learn and get ahead in this industry.

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