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How To Become a PA

(Production Assistant) or TV Studio Page

Production companies are looking for the best and only the best. They want PA’s who are self-motivators and independent workers. They are looking for those candidates that possess exceptional communication skills: both verbal and written. Most importantly they want PA’s who have great personalities. PA’s that are fun to be around - still get their work done. This is how you get ahead. Be prepared to prove that you are a hard worker: willing to do what ever it takes to get your task accomplished, and more.

Networking, as we said is a great way of knowing people who are in the position to hire you for your next film. It is the nature of film that that they come together and then soon as the film is finished filming everyone is scrambling for the next job….so often, it’s who you know that gets you your next job.

Pleasant and professional are two qualities that will get you hired and requested on new projects. A sense of humor can really help too!

Experience and proficiency are also very important qualifications to have.

The more experience you have, the more attractive you are to a Production “crewing up” for a new project. Before and between jobs, gain as much experience from school or workshops that you can. Read the “Trades” (we will talk more about these industry newspapers in a little while), and learn the newest technologies. The more you are up to date with the changing world of technology, the more valuable you are.

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