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How To Become a PA

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There are no unions that working PA’s need to join. This means there are no set guidelines governing their pay. Often, people like you wanting to break into the industry may work for free at first, just to get experience and credits for their resumes. A good way to do this is to check the trades (see “references” at the end of this booklet) and find out what film or TV productions are starting up and drop off a resume. Better yet, try dropping by the set or production office. Let them know you will do whatever it takes, even working for no pay for the opportunity to work on their production.

Most working PA’s will average between a $80 and $300 a day for their work. I’d say around $100 - $125 might be average. The very best PA’s can earn as much as $500 a day and will actually make a career out of being a PA. But usually you would have to work yourself up to being a 2nd for that kind of money.

Pay rates will always depend on the Production Company and how valuable you make yourself to them.

Some people excel and master the techniques of being a PA so efficiently; they earn the respect of top people in the industry. Industry people only want the best, and they will pay Top dollar to get them. (Actually that is only if they have to because a Producers job is to spend as little money as possible. That may mean that once you are good and have experience, you may need to negotiate your worth).

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