$100,000 Pyramid Tickets for Free

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$100,000 Pyramid
starring: Donny Osmond+Celebs

$100,000 Pyramid tickets for free

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Sony Studios
10202 W. Washington Blvd (Park in structure at Overland Ave Gate) Cellphones and cameras are not pe
Culver City, CA

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$100,000 Pyramid Tickets

Finished Taping for the Season. Will be back in July 2003. "Let's Go To The Winners Cirlce!"....One of the most popular game shows on television is back with new host Donny Osmond. The tournament features celebrity guests paired with contestants competing for a payoff of $100,000.

Exciting categories are introduced...generally with a hint or pun to the subject. Upon picking a subject, celebrities and contestants give clues to lead the other to the answer within a certain amount of seconds...and sometimes that leads to funny situations! For example...for "Popcorn"..."Something you find at a movie theatre."

Donny Osmand brings his wit and charm to the show which creates fun and laughter for everybody....Don't miss out on this great opportunity to see celebrities and a fantastic television show.


$100,000 Pyramid Tickets

The minimum age for this event is 14.

This show is currently on hiatus. (It is done taping for the season)


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$100,000 Pyramid Tickets Free