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starring: Ted Danson

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Becker Tickets

Sorry to say...This Show is no longer Taping.

Multiple Emmy winner Ted Danson stars as JOHN BECKER, a gruff, outspoken, inner-city doctor who is dedicated to his medical practice in the Bronx, N.Y., where he always goes the extra mile to help those in need. Becker often unleashes his views on life's incongruities to Reggie, the attractive owner of the local diner; Jake, the blind proprietor of the local newsstand; and Bob, the annoying yet somehow likeable diner patron. At Becker's office, which is usually teeming with patients from his ethnically diverse neighborhood, his head nurse, Margaret, has the job of making order of this chaos. It's not easy keeping John in line and on time while maintaining the energy to handle her space cadet nurse's aide. Even though he seems to be insulting them at every turn, the people in his life persist in trying to connect with him to find the nice guy they know exists behind the razor-sharp tongue.


Becker Tickets

The minimum age for this event is 18.

Sorry. This show has been canceled. But look for reruns on a TV in your nearest room.


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