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“What’s your 20?” -
A term used when you want to know where someone is instead of saying “Where are you Jon?” That’s the sign of a rookie. You ask Jon what his 20 is.
“Does anyone have eyes on _____” -
Said when you or somebody is looking for someone that is not on a walkie.
Crafty -
The nickname for Craft Services, or, “the place with the snacks and drinks on it.” A good crafty will have fresh fruit, coffee drinks, shakes, and prepare things like quesadilla’s.
Props –
All objects on a set used in the movie - furniture, computers,†phones, etc.
“Flying in” -
When something is requested to be brought to the set, one of the producers needs something, or somebody just needs something immediately, it “flies in.”
“Go to 2” -
Most of the crew are wired into a walkie system with 16 channels. Channel 1 is the main line. Different departments with have their own line. Typically, they keep line two open. When you need to speak to someone privately, you say “go to 2”, meaning “let’s not busy up channel 1 with our conversation that no one else will want to hear”.
Last Looks –
Used for a warning to hair, wardrobe and makeup that they’ve got about 30 seconds before the camera’s are going to roll.
Martini -
The last shot of the day.
Picture’s up –
A term used seconds before the camera starts rolling to make everyone aware that they are going to start filming.
Transpo -
Transportation. The guys that will drive all the Cube trucks, Passenger Vans, and any other vehicle that needs to be on set.
Cube Trucks –
A large truck with a lift gate, usually anywhere from 5 to 15 ton and higher. The different departments will usually have there own cube trucks to put there stuff in.
Pass Van –
Or “Passenger Van,” is used to travel people to and from set. Typically, if you shoot on location, you park at the crew parking, which is located usually within several miles of set. The Pass Vans will then drive you to set.
Video Village -
On every set there’s a small encampment of video monitors. There you’ll find the Director, Producer’s, and assistants all positioned around monitors pulling in video feeds from the cameras.
“Copy you / Copy that / Copy” –
The term “Copy” simply means that you understand the assignment being given to you, or you understand what you are being told. Typically spoken over the walkie.
10-1 –
Spoken on set when you are, or know someone is, in the bathroom relieving themselves.
10-2 -
Spoken on set when you are, or know someone is, in the bathroom making a bowel movement.
“Go for ______” -
When someone is looking for you, they will typically say for example, “Jon for Frank.” And you would reply “Go for Frank.” It’s acknowledging that you heard them.
“Stand by” –
If someone is looking for you on walkie, and at the same time you’re busy with something else, you would just say “Stand by” to let them know you’ll be right with them.
Pop Up’s –
Simply, Pop up tents used to provide shade for the various departments, such as Video Village, Props, Crafty, among others.
Sides –
Vinal sheets that strap on to the pop up tents with Velcro straps. Video Village will typically ask for the sides to block the sun so they can view the monitors better.
Traveling -
When someone’s walking to the set from an outside location, they’re traveling
Hot Points –
You yell this when you’re walking through set carrying something that might poke someone.
Crossing –
Spoken mainly to warn the camera operator that you’re crossing his frame.
The Jenny -
the generator truck supplying power to set.
Layout Board –
Wide thin strips of cardboard that you place on the ground to protect a locations floor.
Locations –
Locations are the men and woman who handle everything concerning a neighborhood, if and when you are on location. Concerned neighbors, handling security, and any other local issues.
The PO –
Or, The Production Office, usually a trailer on set where you’ll find the Production Manager, time cards, W-2, and any other important paper work needed on set.
Lanyards –
The laminated badge that lets people know you’re one of the crew. Typically used if on location.
Honeywagon -
A honeywagon is a portable trailer, which houses bathrooms, and dressing rooms for extras.

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