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Whether you're by yourself, with friends or with family, visiting Los Angeles can be a lot of fun.
You'll definitely want to try and take at least one studio tour while you're here.
Below is information on which studios offer tours and how you can reach them to make your studio tour reservations.

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Los Angeles Studios

Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, California


The oldest and perhaps most well-known studio complex in Hollywood is Paramount Pictures Studios. The main studio gates on Melrose Ave are among the most famous landmarks in Hollywood. This tour is a two-hour guided walking tour, incorporatiing historical information about the studio and its film and television productions over the years. Paramount Studios makes both film and TV show productions, and is home to many great shows, including Girlfriends, Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, Yes, Dear, One On One, Out Of Practice, Love, Inc and Cuts. This is a very popular tour and you must make your reservations in advance.

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Paramount Ranch Paramount Ranch Road, Agoura Hills, California

Paramount Ranch

When Paramount and other studios need wide-open spaces for filming, they go to the Paramount Ranch. This collection of filming sets and wilderness areas is managed by the National Park Service. For over sixty years, Paramount Ranch has been used as Tombstone, Arizona, Dodge City and a lot of other towns. Most recently, this location served as the set for HBO's Carnivale. Many TV series, such as Chips, The Dukes of Hazard and Charlie's Angels have been filmed here, to name a few. The Ranch is now open to the public, including its Western Town. There's no doubt that you'll recognize a lot of these sets...

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Universal Studios Universal City, California Off the 101 - Hollywood Freeway


Universal Studios is so large that it's actually located in its own city, Universal City. Nestled between Hollywood and North Hollywood, Universal Studios is one of two Los Angeles area studios that has its own theme park. The Universal Studios tour takes place on a tram that take's you through the back lot, through many well-known sets.

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Universal Studios Hollywood General Admission Ticket
Click here to buy general admission tickets to the Universal Studio in Hollywood.

Disneyland ~ Hollywood Pictures 1313 Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California


Disneyland is located south of Los Angeles in Anaheim, which is in Orange County (the OC). Like Universal, Disney is simply huge and packed with entertainment of all kinds for adults and kids alike. Their Adventure Park contains a back lot tour of Hollywood Pictures. The tour includes a lot of special effects with homage paid to animation, which is how the Disney empire got its start.

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Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure from Los Angeles
Click here to buy and learn more about Disneyland and California Adventure Tour Packages.

Warner Brothers Studios 4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank, California

Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour

No two tours at Warner Bros are alike. In fact, while your on the Warner Bros tour, which is over two hours in length, you'll actually be moving through actual film and television sets that are working on productions. Depending on the day and time that you're there, it's likely that you'll see a star or two on set. You'll tour the Costume Department...

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour and Santa Monica - Private Tour
Click Here to purchase a private tour of the Warner Brothers Studio.

Sony Pictures Studios 10202 Washington Blvd, Culver City, California


Sony Pictures used to be MGM Studios, which at one time was Hollywood's most powerful studio. Similar to Paramount's walking tour of the studios and back lot, this tour includes a lot of famous lots, sets and historic scenery. Tours depart daily, Monday through Friday, from Sony Pictures Plaza. Not only is this the studio where Judy Garland once walked on the Yellow Brick Road...

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NBC Studios 3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, California


NBC is the only commercial TV studio in Los Angeles that offers a behind-the-scenes tour of its complex. Located in Burbank, this studio tour is a little more than an hour, and offers and up-close view of a working television studio. You'll see their vast warehouse areas where props and costumes are stored, as well as... if you're lucky... Studio 3, which is where The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is taped!

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NBC Studio Tour
Click Here for purchasing information of th e NBC Studio historic tour.

Los Angeles Area
Transportation Information

Unlike most other American cities, Los Angeles is spread out over a very wide area. Anytime you're traveling in LA, you want to make sure that you leave plenty of time to get around. Even with all of the traffic, many times it's easier to move around the city by car. Currently, LA's Metro subway system only covers a portion of the city. Buses, though, take up a lot of that slack and can help you to get around. To get a glimpse of the public transportation system in Los Angeles, click the link below:
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - MTA

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