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The Professional Stunt Artist

Being a Stunt Artist naturally comes with some risks. The better you are the less risks there are, but risks just the same. There are almost always small injuries associated with performing a stunt. These are usually just incidental cuts and scrapes and sometimes a few minor burns. Of course there can at times be other injuries like bruised bones, twisted ankles, and occasionally a broken bone or two.

Careful… Even Blank Bullets Can Kill You

The goal of every Stunt Artist is to keep these injuries to a minimal. However, accidents do happen and people do get killed. This usually involves some sort of safety measure that was overlooked and then malfunctioned. Take for instance the death of Brandon Lee in the making of the film “The Crow”. They were performing a gun-fight/martial-arts fighting scene. Brandon Lee was the star as well as the Stunt Artist because of his special skills.

This scene called for the bad guy to put a gun to Brandon’s head in the middle of the fight and shoot him. The character was supposed to fall down and then get up again showing that he couldn’t be stop. The problem occurred when the gun used wasn’t check properly before the scene. There was an unfired blank round stuck in the chamber from a previous scene. When the gun was put to Brandon’s head it was supposed to be empty. It wasn’t and he was actually shot and killed. Blanks can be harmful when used at a close range.

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