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The Professional Stunt Artist

The first thing to do is to expand on any special skills that you may already possess. These could be anything from jumping horses to racing cars and down hill skiing. You may also use things like fire fighting and wild animal training as ways to get into the business of performing stunts.

Specialized Educational Courses

The next thing to do is to take specialized educational courses. You can take classes on stage combat, sword fighting, wrestling or martial arts. Becoming an expert in these things can only improve your resume. And there is nothing like a good honest resume to get you in the door.

You can also gain some experience by working in a stunt show for a local amusement park. Working at places such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm etc. will gain invaluable practical experience that can be carried over to film and television. We’ll talk more about this a little later on in this booklet.

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