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The Professional Stunt Artist

Many Stunt Artists have great relationships with the actors they represent. This is because they have earned the much-deserved respect by taking the beatings and letting the actors get all the glory. In fact several actors prefer to have the same Stunt Artist work for them on all their pictures. Unfortunately there are those actors out there who despise those that keep them from getting injured on a production. Many of the major Studios will not actually allow their big stars to do their own stunts. This is because the insurance premiums are too high. Some Actors seem to think this is not fair and take their frustrations out on the Stunt Artist causing friction in the relationships.

Some Actors Claim that They Do Their Own Stunts

Sometimes major actors will claim that they do all of their own stunt work. They think this makes them look tougher and more appealing to their fans. All it does is upset the Stunt Artists who really hung from the cliff or did the fight scene on the motorcycles. They feel that it is disrespectful for the actors to take credit for some thing they didn’t do. Something that the Stunt Artist themselves risked life and limb to achieve. But it is a guarantee that you will never hear a Stunt Artist complain. They take too much pride in their work for that. Besides they go to bed at night knowing the truth about who did the real work; and are satisfied.

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