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The Professional Stunt Artist

This is one of the risks that every Stunt Artist is willing to take. More importantly, it is why they do what they do. To make sure that it doesn’t happen to regular actors and amateurs. It is why safety is their number one priority. Stunt Artists are people who fear death not those who walk the edge to prove they don’t. If you want to be a Stunt Artist, you must also fear death to the point of making safety your number one priority.

Stunt Insurance

Every major film and television show carries some type of insurance that covers any injuries that happen during production. This insurance will cover stunts as well as everyday accidents. It is important to note that the Production Company can get lower insurance rates based on how good their Stunt Artists are. So the better you are at your job the less a company has to pay to insure you. This means you will make more money as well as have many more jobs. In fact some insurance companies won’t insure a film unless they have highly trained and qualified Stunt Artists.

It will also benefit you to carry your own insurance policies. Both for health and death benefits. These will provide extra coverage for you and you family in the event that an accident does occur and permanently disables you or takes your life. You can these policies with any major insurance provider.

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