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The Professional Stunt Artist

Regardless of what area a Stunt Artist specializes in, they all have a common bond and a core foundation. A Stunt Artist is someone who knows without question exactly what will be the result of their actions. They never hope to gain a specific result. If a stunt Driver goes to crash a car, they know exactly what will happen to themselves and the car and what each can handle. They never hope the car will spin this way or that way. The never hope that it will flip upside down three times before coming to a stop. They never hope that they will survive the crash.

Stunt Artist are not Daredevils

They leave hoping to the amateurs also known as daredevils. Stunt Artist are not Daredevils. The dictionary calls a daredevil one who is daringly bold. That is the only requirement, this is not true of a Stunt Artist. Daredevils try to gain fame by doing really amazing and sometimes very foolish things. Ask any Stunt Artist and they will tell you they are only in it for the accomplishment of the greater good.

Stunts are not Computer Generated or Special F/X

When talking about Stunt Artist and the stunts that they perform there are a few things that must be understood. It is important to understand that not everything you see in a film or television show is actually a stunt. Many of the things you see in a movie like “The Matrix” are Computer Generated Images (CGI) and others are just great special effects. Sure the Stunt Artists have to work hand in hand with these two things to make a production complete. But they are very distinct and separate areas of specialty. To learn more about Special F/X and CGI, check out our booklets on the subject.

Safety, Integrity, & Experience

Safety along with Integrity and experience are the driving force behind the careers of every professional Stunt Artist. If you don’t see all three of these things then the stunt person is not a professional artist. Safety is of the utmost importance because it prevents injuries and saves lives. Integrity is what stops Stunt Men & Stunt Women from caving into the demands of filmmakers who want to save money by taking short cuts. Integrity is what unifies all Stunt Artist in demanding the best from each other and themselves. Experiences are what speak for them allowing other artist to know that they can be trusted and that their work is the best.

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