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The Professional Stunt Artist

It is also important that before you ever think about becoming a Stunt Artist, you need to be full of integrity. This means that you are honest, you trust the practices put into place by those that have gone before you, and you follow them unless they prove to be unsafe. You must be completely dependable so that your peers can trust you and your work. Lastly, you must be a true team player. If these things don’t describe you, then it is time to go find another job. However, if you can proudly claim that you are a person of the highest integrity, then by all means keep reading.

To be a Stunt Artist you must possess a degree of perfectionism and place the highest value on safety. Both for yourself and for those around you. You must also be a stickler for the smallest of the details. These are the things that bring success to a production and prevent accidents.

Children of Stunt Men and Stunt Woman

A majority of Stunt Artist are the children of Stunt Artist. They grow up learning the business and the importance of safety, integrity, and experience. These three things are instilled in them from birth and are invaluable to their success. If you are not in this group, then you must find a way to make up for it. You have to do what ever it takes to gain this real-life education and experience.

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