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The Professional Stunt Artist

SAG (Screen Actors Guild)

There are currently no unions specifically designed for Stunt Artist. This is something that a lot of professional Stunt Artists want to change so that they can get more respect and representation in the industry. For now they will just have to be satisfied with the representation of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). This union represents all the major movie and television actors. Most Stunt Artists are members of this union because they are consider Stunt Actors.

Being in this union only helps to ensure minimum pay ranges and offer some health benefits. The problem is that it represents the interest and needs of actors, not Stunt Artists. Even though they are considered actors, Stunt Artists are not actors; they are specialists in the art of performing stunts. What they want and what they need is a Union that will protect them from the production companies that try to cut corners and who hire amateurs so that they can ignore important, but costly safety measures.

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