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The Professional Stunt Artist

The first and most important thing to know is that there is currently no regulations concerning stunt performers. There are no certifications or permits needed for someone to become and work as a stunt performer. This is a very bad thing because it means you could be hired by a production company to perform stunts before you are experienced and properly trained. Why would they hire you? Because you cost about 80% less than a Stunt Artist would, and because you won’t know enough to prevent them from cutting more cost in the area of safety. This could lead to several preventable injuries and could just lead to your own death.

It’s Dangerous To Allow Beginners To Do Their Own Stunts

It is a dangerous thing to allow amateurs into this profession. So if you value your life like every Stunt Artist does, then you will never perform any stunt until such a time as you are properly trained and experienced. And hey, if you kill yourself you’ll never work again. So careful and conscious.

The first step toward becoming a Stunt Artist is to refuse to ever take short cuts and support Production Companies that would do this. There is never a price too high to pay for safety. Your life and the lives around you depend on this.

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