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Breaking into TV & Film Wardrobe

After graduating and traveling the world for about a year and then working almost 10 months to get out of that debt I was ready to start this career. One of the camera people I met on the student film I designed told me about a non-union studio. I called the costumer and she had me come in for an interview. She had me help out on a movie of the week they were shooting. I was in awe but mostly I just laced up some tennis shoes and tried not to get in the way. Obviously I didn't stay out of the way because it was the first and thankfully the only time I was yelled at by a star. It gives me great satisfaction that she is now a has been but at the time I was crushed. The designer was not fazed by this and gave me a job just a few weeks later on a long running series. "Silk Stalkings."

This is where I learned so much of what I know now. The way to conduct oneself on set. The ins and out of the wardrobe department and mostly continuity.

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