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Breaking into TV & Film Wardrobe

I have always loved tv, film and fashion. When I first started college, I was in marketing. Just putting down any damn major and that sounded good. Not a good fit. After not doing so well and getting kicked out of SDSU (too many parties and not enough studies) I ended up at a junior college. This is when I realized that fashion was a great fit.

Studying Fashion in School
Like I died and went to Neiman's

I took one fashion illustration class and proceeded to draw models and clothing in every other class I took. This is when I realized that fashion design was for me. The thing I realized is that I didn't want to work in the fashion industry. I also wanted to get a degree from a 4 year college. My grades improved drastically and I was able to go back to SDSU. They had a major that seemed like the best fit yet (cue dramatic music) design for tv and film emphasis in costume. What, there is a major that combines my love for the entertainment field and for fashion-it was like I died and went to Neiman's.

I learned lighting, history, acting and most importantly costume design. In one class a guest speaker from the film industry came in and regaled us with tales of shooting in Africa. Stories of making things on the spot, which later on while in the business I have realized this is more the rule than the exception. This woman made me crave her life. I designed some student films (which is one of the best ways to get your foot wet in this business and a great way to make connections for later on as well) and I knew this is the life I wanted.

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