Cash B's

Breaking into TV & Film Wardrobe

Once you get some experience then you need to get into the union or you will never make any money. Also if you want to make good money, be a hairstylist or a makeup artist. Costumers are one of the lowest paid in the business. That said it is still pretty good money for most union work. It generally is about $27 and hour but can be lower for some jobs and quite hight if you a personal dresser for an A list star.

One way to break into the union is to get on a non union job that turns union. That is just luck and timing. Another is to work in a costume house that is union affiliated for 30 days. Easier said than done since many people are vying for this low paying job. I was in the right place at the right time and worked 25 days on a movie that turned and then got 5 days in a costume house. "Bring It On" was the film that got me to Los Angeles.

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