Warner Theater Building (now Pacific Theaters)

6423-6425 Hollywood Blvd
1926-27 - G. Albert Landsburg

The Warner was the forth grand Hollywood theater built in the 1920's, in combination with a four-story office building. The elaborate facade carvings borrow from the Italian Renaissance and Spanish Baroque with Gothic quatrefoil openings at the roof line. If one style is good, several must be better! The ornamentation at the building entrance is largely of Italian Renaissance extraction, with a Rococo arch and shell designs. The theater entrance has coffered ceiling in a Moorish star pattern, with Art Deco chandeliers. The original marquee has been replaced, but the Hispano-Moorish interior is largely intact. The theater has been tri-plexed, but much remains intact.

Hollywood Boulevard is a boulevard of roof signs and here is an early example. The two 'dirigible masts' not only advertised the theater but were the original antennas for radio station KFWB (Keep Filming Warner Brothers).

The building still contains two original storefronts, Stomberg's Jewelers and the Smoke Shop. In fron of Strombergs you will see one of the three remaining street clocks in Los Angeles, the original was removed when the Stromberg's sold the business.

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