What happens when the show is over?

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Receiving Your Prizes and Tax Liabilities

The time has come for you to go home and wait for your episode to air on TV. Before you leave the set, the Contestant Coordinator will tell you the date your show will air. This is usually four to six weeks later. You will also be given a timeline of when to expect to receive your prizes. When you first arrived on set you signed papers about being on the show. One of the things it covered was that they have anywhere from 90 to 180 days to send you your prizes from the date your show is schedule to air. Even if your show doesn't air, you can still get your prizes in this time frame. The contract also states that you are personally responsible for paying taxes on any cash or prizes you might win. Like the $7000 motorized Mercedes Benz replica golf cart. Top of the Line! But wait a minute you don't play golf. The taxes for this golf cart will likely run around $1500 and you can't afford that much and don't know anyone you can sell it to. What can you do?

What If You Can't Use The Prizes You Won And Don't Want To Pay The Taxes On Them?

You can always refuse to accept the prizes you have won if you don't want them, or if you can't pay the taxes. If you accept them, you must pay the taxes on them, even if you can't sell them. You will rarely ever have the opportunity to exchange unwanted prizes, so that is not an option. It is important to remember that vacation packages cannot be sold or transferred to another person. These vacations are taxable, so if you can't take them, it will be best to refuse them. Then you won't get stuck paying the taxes on prizes you don't want.

Get links to most game show's contestant submission website

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