Who can be a Game show Contestant?

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Who can be a Game show Contestant?
The Audition Process
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Game Show Contestant Submissions

Anyone looking to have a great time in New York or LA can be a game show contestant. There are game shows out there for all types of people, including you, if you qualify.

Every game show has its own specific set of requirements, depending on the type of show it is. We will discuss a few of these shows in more detail in the Audition Process section of this booklet. For all other game shows please see the resources page at the end of this booklet for their web site links.

There are four requirements most shows have in common to ensure fair play. They also ensure that producers can't fix the outcome of the games.

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age or older for most Game Shows. Some shows may require that you be at least 21. On occasion a show may have a special tournament for younger contestants. You can find these things out on the shows web site.
  2. You cannot have been on any game show (win or lose) within the past 12 months.
  3. You cannot have been on two game shows (win or lose) within the past five years.
  4. You cannot have any association with the game show, its network, or its sponsors.

It is interesting to note that you can be a member of SAG or AFTRA, the professional actors Unions and still apply. Just remember to say you are a teacher, gardener, or any other kind of job, other than actor.

The next two things are also required on every show. They are important because they help determine who is going to eventually become a contestant on a show.

  1. You must have the looks, skills, personality, and/or intelligence that match the format of the game show you want (wish) to be on. If you were not a highly educated person, you wouldn't want to try out for "Jeopardy". If you have a weak stomach, then you wouldn't want to try out for a "Fear Factor" type show. And ifyou are not a sexy or attractive person, then you don't want to try out for one of the dating shows. There are requirements each show looks for in their contestants. Just watch the show you're interested in, and see how you compare to the contestants that are currently on it.
  2. Everything is at your own expense. This is the most important thing to know. Game shows will not reimburse you for any cost that you incur while trying out or auditioning, even if you make it on the show and win. In fact many shows will try and persuade you not to spend any money in connection to their show. It can become a costly adventure to try out for a game show in LA, if you live in Ohio. Game shows don't want you to spend money on airfare, hotel, food and transportation just to audition for them. Remember, there is no guarantee that just because you apply and take the test, that you will be selected to participate on the show.

We recommend you make auditioning for a game show part of your vacation or a business trip. If you want to have a great LA adventure, auditioning for a game show is the thing to do.

What If I Take the Interview and Test and Don't Get Selected?

Keep in mind if you don't make it on to the show, or if you do and don't win anything, you will have had a great experience and Hollywood adventure. And remember, part of your vacation adventure is coming home and sharing it with family and friends. Again. And Again. And Again.

Get links to most game show's contestant submission website

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