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Colombia Pictures

Columbia Pictures has borne the statue of Columbia, holding aloft a torch, for a long time. Now, we hear it is soon to be changed to the figure of a living girl in the same pose, so the old Columbia will be “animated.” Whether this will mark a change in the insigne as it appears on the letterhead will remain to be seen. Columbia Pictures, as perhaps some may remember, was originally known as “C.B.C. Pictures.” So-called because the firm wad headed Harry Cohn, Joe Brandt and Jack Cohn, their initials serving as a trademark. It was a “quickie” concern, meaning they made less expensive pictures with a quick turnover, but irreverent salesmen call it the “Corned Beef and Cabbage Company” and others used even less complimentary names something had to be dome. Harry Cohn did it! He made a right-about-face and commenced to produce high-class pictures with “name” stars, in fact, he headed right into the big production class. Dignity, worth, identity, his picture now stood for and a suitable symbol had to be adopted – hence Columbia.

Films Produced by Columbia TriStar (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures)

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