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Game Day / Day of the filming
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You're finally here! Chosen to compete on your favorite Game Show. More precisely you have been selected to be in a pool of contestants. Again this goes back to the Standards and Practices set up for game shows. Things are set up to make sure the Game Show isn't fixed and you have no way of cheating.

Now you are at the actual television studio hoping to get picked out of the pool of contestants. The Producers will usually have four or five more contestants than needed for the day's taping. This way they can pick people at random to assure that no one knows which game they will be in, and when or if they will get picked today.

The Production Company films up to five episodes of the game show in one day of filming. Two or three shows in the morning and early afternoon. Then after a lunch break the remaining shows are taped. For this reason you may have been asked to bring several changes of clothes, just in case you become a returning champ or your game doesn't finished in one episode. This way when they film the next show, it will look like another day, even though it is only 30 minutes later.

When you arrive at the Studio

When you arrive at the studio on the day of filming, you will be met by the Contestant Coordinator. They will take you to a safe room where you will be sequestered until it is your turn to play the game. You friends and family, arriving later than you, will be escorted to their front row seats to watch your performance on the show. You are in a sequestered room where you will be under close watch. In fact, you may do nothing without an escort. All this is to ensure that there is no way you can cheat. Of course, they will make your experience as comfortable as possible. You will have things to do, snacks to eat and other contestants to keep you company. They will be filming five shows today to cover Monday through Friday's programs.

If each show uses two contestants, there might be 14 contestants available to play in these shows. Only 10 will make it, the other 4 will have to come back the next day or week if they're available. You will often be required to sign an agreement saying you are available for three consecutive days of taping, before they invite you on to the show. Remember, there is still no guarantee that you will be picked on any of these days.

For every show that is filmed, the Coordinator will come into the room after the previous taping has finished, and call out the names of two newly selected contestants. The selection process of who gets picked next is a closely guarded secret. These people will get to compete in the next show, while the rest wait patiently hoping they are the next to be picked.

What's Happening On Stage While You are Waiting to Be Picked?

While this is happening, there are many things happening on stage to prepare the show for filming. A stage crew is preparing the stage set up so that it is safe to use. Gaffers (they handle electrical and lighting) are checking the lighting, while Grips (who handle sets and props) are making sure that is locked down and in place. Good thing, you don't want to have a spinning wheel falling on you. Producers are going over the order in which the show will be filmed with the Assistant Director. They will be checking with all departments to make sure the show runs smoothly. Sound guys are testing and balancing all mixing boards (to make sure that sound effects, like buzzers and chimes will work on cue). Studio Pages run around keeping the audience in their proper seats as the Wardrobe and Makeup department check on the Host of the show.

At the same time an Audience Coordinator is helping load and seat the Audience. When the audience is finally seated and waiting for your big entrance, they will entertained by an Audience Warm-up person. This person tells jokes and energizes the audience throughout the day. They have the fun job of keeping peoples minds off "Why the Show hasn't begun yet" so that they to will enjoy their LA studio experience.

Meanwhile, you nervously wait your turn to play. The Coordinator is trying to keep everyone relaxed, while going over the rules and procedures of the show. They want everyone to do their best. They want you to win, so they will play a few mock games to get you warmed up. All this is done under the watchful eye of the Standards and Practices staff.

Yaaa Hoo! They Pick You To Be Next

Game Four has finished filming, three hours later and your time finally comes to play. You are taken to the stage, stopping by hair and makeup to get your magical look for the show. While you are there, the stage crew are once again doing last minute sound and lighting checks, and making sure that all the equipment works. Everyone wants you to have the best possible experience, while entertaining the viewers at home. If you are lucky, you might get to see a few celebrities coming and going from their nearby stages as you go to yours.

The best part is when the filming begins. You finally get to do what you came to do: play the game and win. You will play as instructed while the audience watches closely. Don't be nervous; just play the way you know how too. During commercial breaks your Contestant Coordinator will be around to offer you water, and someone from make-up will powder your nose.

You will get to play until the game is over or the show time is up. If you are needed on the next show, you will be escorted back to the safe room, so that you can change clothes. This will continue until your run as champion is over. Hopefully you have won a lot of great prizes and had a unique experience to remember forever.

Get links to most game show's contestant submission website

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