Dog Stars

Name Type Film
Toto Cairn Terrier Wizard of Oz
Sam German Shepard I Am Legend
Beethoven St. Bernard Beethoven
Benji Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Poodle, Schnuzer Benji
Bruiser Chihuahua Legally Blonde 1+2
Eddie Jack Russell Terrier Frasier
Lassie Collie Lassie
Murray Border Collie Mix Mad About You
Petey Pit Bull The Little Rascals
Rin Tin Tin German Shepard Rin Tin Tin
Bullet German Shepard Roy Rogers
Old Yeller Yellow Retriever Old Yeller
Yo Quiero Taco Bell? Chihuahua Taco Bell Commercials
Cujo St. Bernard Cujo
Hooch French Mastiff Turner and Hooch
Otis Pug Milo and Otis
Luath Labrador The Incredible Journey
Bodger Bull Terrier The Incredible Journey
Old Dan & Little Anne Red Tick Hounds Where the Red Ferns Grow
Winn-Dixie Mutt Because of Winn-Dixie
Bud Golden Retriever Air Bud Series
Frank the Pug Pug Men in Black
Jerry Lee German Sheperd K-9
Buck Sheepdog Married w/Children
Flash Basset Hound Dukes of Hazzards
Tiger Sheepdog The Brady Bunch


Name Type Film
Silver Horse The Lone Ranger
Trigger Horse Roy Rogers
Mr. Ed Palomino American Saddlebred Mr. Ed
Mr. Old Man Horse Pipi Longstocking


Name Type Film
Mr. Jinx Himalayan Cat Meet the Parents
Salem Saberhagen Domestic Cat Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Mr. Bigglesworth Hairless Sphynx Austin Powers
Milo Orange Tabby Milo and Otis
Tao Siamese Cat The Incredible Journey


Name Type Film
Leo the Lion Lion MGM Logo



Name Type Film
Hedwig Snowy Owl The Harry Potter Series
CottonÂ’s Parrot Parrot Pirates of the Caribbean


Name Type Film
Marcel Capuchin Monkey Friends
Clyde Orangutan Any Which Way but Loose
Mr. Nillson Monkey Pipi Lonstocking
Cheeta Ape Tarzan


Name Type Film
Babe Pig Babe / Babe, Pig in the City
Arnold Ziffe Pig Green Acres


Name Type Film
Keiko Orca Whale Free Willy
Jaws Great White Shark Jaws: The Movie


Name Type Film
Flipper Bottlenose Dolphin Flipper


Name Type Film
Norman Cow City Slickers

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