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About Your "Free TV Tickets"

Isn't it cool. There really is something Fun that's Free.

It is a good bet that if you arrive at the studio on time (or a little bit earlier) you WILL get in. But the shows can not guarantee TV tickets. Unlikely as it is, sometimes a Star gets sick. Or the show gives out more tickets than studio capacity. Or they may decide last minute to rewrite the script. So yes, things can change.

BUT, unlike the most peoples experience of just ordering tickets online from other websites or even picking them up in person, righ. at the studio or a tourist area (Click Here) , if there are some time changes or cancellations they won't be able to let you know.


The central authorized ticketing site you are at now will email and or Voice message you through the phone # you signed up with as to any last minute Changes or Cancellations as we hear them (from the tv shows or studios). allows you to print your ticket out online instantly.

You can click another button to find out what else to do in the same area your attending a show at ...

And find the best places to spot celebrities whether you're in LA or NY.

It just doesn't get any better than that.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to actually order these tickets onine. But if you're at least the minimum age listed on our site you can attend with an adult gardian over 18. They do Check ID at many of the studios and shows.

How do I become a guest?

Each show will have their own submission process for topic ideas or guest submissions. Visiting a shows website is the best way to find out their current submission process. TV Talk Show websites are easy to find by doing an internet search for the TV show's name (click here for an example of a search for Wheel of Fortune). Sites often also list upcoming show topics that you can participate in. The Dr. Phil show for example is looking for people who are hoarding animals or people whose son or daughter is in a cult among other topic ideas. We have compiled an extensive list of talk show submission sites.

Find out how to get a stupid pet/human trick on David Letterman.
David Letterman Official Page

Different ways to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Jay Leno Official Page

Upcoming topics for The Tyra Banks Show
Tyra Show Official Page

Upcoming Oprah show topics
Oprah Official Page

Upcoming topics for The View
The View Official Page

Upcoming Montel show topics
Official Montel Williams Show Website

Official Maury Povich Show website
Or call 888-456-2879.

Upcoming topics for The Jerry Springer Show
Jerry Springer Official Page

Good Morning America's official website.

Upcoming topics for The Martha Stewart Show
Martha Stewart Official Page

Today Show's official page

How To Be On A Judge Show?

  1. Are decisions on the court shows legally binding?
  2. Are they real balifs?
  3. do people ever get out of control?
  4. do you get any money if you loose the case?
  5. are they real judges, how does a judge become a star?
  6. Is there a tv judge school that can teach me?

Click here to have your case heard by Judge Alex.
Official Website

Click here to have your case heard by Judge Judy.
Official Website

Click here to have your case heard by Judge Mathis.
Official Website

Click here to have your case heard by Judge Hatchett.
Official Website

Click here to have your case heard by Divorce Court.
Official Website

How do I get a copy of a specific taping?

Buy a VCR or Tivo. If its too late for that you still have a couple options. Check out the shows website to see if they offer copies for sale. If not, there are multiple organizations that contract with the studios to provide transcripts and copies of a show. Here are some links to a couple.

Museum of Television & Radio
465 N Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 786-1000

USC Cinema/Television Library
3550 University Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90089
(213) 740 - 8906

UCLA Film and Television Archive
1015 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(310) 206 - 5388

RHINO Entertainment
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-47778

How do I get in touch with the show?

Ahhh, the internet what can't she do? The best place for up-to-date contact info for any show is their website. Show websites are found a number of ways, you can do a search for the show name (click here for an example of a search for Wheel of Fortune), you can also visit the home page of the studio or network that produces the show. This information can often be found by visiting The Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) and searching for the show. IMDB is a great resource for show and actor information but can sometimes require a little digging around to find exactly what you need.

How do I become a Contestant?

Visit the shows webpage and look for links regarding contestant info. For some of the lesser known shows, and even some of the big ones, they may post ads looking for contestants on Craigslist or similar sites. And believe it or not, one of Game Shows favorite places to advertise is on the first page of the Sunday, LA Times classified section. Under: Contestats Wanted (of course). That's how I originally got into the business, from being a game show contestant. You just never know what twist life might take you on next. Check Craigslist's Los Angeles TV and Radio opportunities here.

How do I play at home?

Many shows now have online, video or board game versions that you can play at home; sitting in your underwear, eating raw cookie dough from the package. Some shows also have components, such as the Wheel of Fortune Wheel Watchers Club (Click here.), for at home participation. These components can be found on their webpage's. Click here for the Deal or No Deal home game.

So, how do we get tickets?

Well, this is a good place to start. has tickets to the actual filming of some of your favorite tv shows.

Are they really free?

They sure are. Shows don't want to charge their fans money to see the tapings’Ķwhat the show really wants is your Fun Energy! The actors thrive on your laughter, applause, and overall energy.

Many shows even record your laughter to add to the finished show. Your being used and don't even realize it because you were having SUCH A GREAT TIME You're the ones that help make it fun for everyone on the set. Also since taping schedules can change or get canceled at the last minute, it would be too hard to try to refund money..

So, to everyones delight, TV Tickets are one of the really Free things out there, with no catch. As free as a bird, or those little mints restaurants give out. Pretty Cool.

What about those tickets we see being sold other places?

From what I understand that's not really ok with the studios.

Cheaters never prosper. While some people may try to make money off TV tickets they shouldn't. With very few exceptions, ( for example receive Tonight Show tickets from NBC than sells them with the money going to charity) the studios are not ok with this

Seriously though, we talked to both NBC and CBS and they say that when they hear of someone doing that they notify them to stop. But truth is there's no real way of the studio knowing if you got your ticket that way.


BUT BEWARE: TV Show Tickets are given out in excess of Studio Capacity and therefore do not guarantee admittance. And all tapings are subject to cancellation. So, you might buy a ticket and then get there and not get in. Bummer.

That said, though we don't recommend doing the following, there's a site, that has a section where people seem to trade, buy and sell TV Tickets.

Can I get them in advance?

Most shows only have taping dates one to two months in advance.

Can I get them the same day?

Most shows have a same day standby line, some are easier than others though. NBC Guest Relations hands out standby tickets to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 8am if they have seats available. Depending on a host of factors including the weather, that days guests, the day of week, etc people may begin lining up the night before. Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood often has people handing out tickets to various shows as well. Also check our website, we often will have tickets show taping that same day open up between 10am and 12pm.

If there are Tonight Show tickets released that's when we get them. We are the only site on the web that handles The Tonight Show. Enjoy!

How many can I get?

The answer depends on the show. Most have limits of 4. A few have limits of 5 or 6. If you need more you can have someone else in your party make their own reservation. Don't worry about sitting together, just make sure you all arrive together and let them know when you get there. Please do not make these kinds of reservations without first calling us at (323) 653-4105. If we see the same name, email address or phone number or the computer picks up an admorality in your order, the reservation will be canceled automatically and possibly without notice to you.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to see the shows so please keep that in mind when making your reservations.

If you have different groups within your party making their own reservations. Don't worry, you can sit together at the show even if you got your tickets separately. Just arrive at the studio all together when you get online or check in.

Can I see more than one show in a day?

The short answer is no. The long answer is sort of. Given the distance between most studios you would need at least a half an hour travel time between them. Add in time to park and get in line you're looking at 45 minutes. Each taping takes 3 to 4 hours so you'll need at least 5 hours from the start of the first taping to the start of the second. Conceivably you could make it to a 10am taping and a 3pm but you wouldn't be able to eat anything but drive-thru and you better not hit traffic. Unless you just have to see 2 shows in one day, don't. Plus, this gives somebody else the opportunity to see a taping and we want to be fair.

Are tickets guaranteed?

While we would love to be able to guarantee tickets its just not possible. Tapings can cancel last minute or change times. Also, in order to assure a full audience, tickets are given out in excess of studio capacity. If you follow our directions though we rarely if ever have turn aways. 99.9% of the time its not an issue. If for some reason you are turned away, call our offices and we'll see what we can do to get you into another taping.

What if we're not admitted?

In order to assure a full audience, tickets are given out in excess of studio capacity. Arrive early to be on the safe side. If you follow our directions, we rarely, if ever, have turn aways. We keep a close watch on how many tickets we give out and 99.9% of the time everyone ticketed gets in. If for some reason you are turned away, call our offices and we'll see what we can do to get you into another taping. Sometimes a studio will even give out VIP tickets to another show if you're turned away.

What if I don't have a printer?

You Will Need to bring a printed copy of your ticket with you to the Studio. If you can't print one out, try Kinko's or Office Depot. You can always call their main number and find the local one nearest to you. Call them and get their fax number and let them know you're having a tv ticket faxed to you through them. Call us (we're open from 10 AM ’Äì 4 PM PACIFIC time) with the fax number of the store or friend and we'll fax it over right away.

Remember, you can call our office at 323 653-4105 (M-F 10am til 4pm Pacific Time) and ask us to fax a copy to you or your hotel, business, friend, Copymat or Kinko's.

What if I am staying at a hotel and don't have a computer to order tickets?

Most the hotel concierges know us well and are happy to make the actual online ticket reservations for you. Many hotels also have a business center on premises with computer and printer access. All hotels have a fax machine where we can fax tickets to as well. Just give us a call at 323-653-4105 (M-F 10am to 4pm Pacific) and we'll be happy to fax you tickets.

Is there a difference between getting tickets through you or someone else?

Most tickets are obtained by either writing directly to a particular TV show (requesting tickets be sent to you via post or email), or by ordering through an online agency like TVTix! Regardless of where you get your tickets, each is just as VALID as the other!

However, there are some REALLY COOL advantages to getting your tickets through, as we offer easy access to a WIDE variety of different TV Shows, all in ONE place!

If you got your tickets through the mail or directly from the show or from someone out front of the Chinese theater’Ķthe show may NOT have a way of reaching you if there is a change in time or taping date’Ķor if the show is canceled. Once you've reserved a ticket and printed it out online from, if there are any changes we will either email or call you with them as soon as we hear of such changes by the studio. We'll keep you updated with all the info you need as we receive it. If a show cancel's you will be given first crack at rebooking to the new tape time or date.

No need to wait impatiently by the mailbox, or spend countless hours contacting each show individually. With TVTix, you can find ticket availability and print ALL your tickets TODAY!

What if I want tickets to a show not filming now?

Taping schedules vary widely depending on the type of show you're looking for, as well as the time of year in which you're hoping to attend. If a show of interest is currently on hiatus (not filming), there are a couple avenues you might explore. Adding your name to the TVTix email list is a great place to start. This insures that you'll be the FIRST to know when you're desired TV Show will resume taping again. Visiting the OFFICIAL web site of a desired show can also be helpful, as most contain updates regarding future taping dates.

What if I want tickets to a show that is full?

Don't panic! TVTix is here for YOU! There's ALWAYS a chance of more seating becoming available as a result of cancellations or a ton of other factors. If you notice that one of our tapings is FULL, simply add your name to the WISHLIST. If any additional tickets become available, we'll contact you ASAP!

What does it mean to be on the "Wish List" Stand-by list?

The wish list allows anyone to sign up for a show that does not have tickets currently available. This can mean were still working out production details, all available tickets are currently taken, or as with the Tonight Show, we don't know what if any our ticket availability will be. If tickets do become available everyone on the wish list receives an email and possibly a phone call letting them know. After the email has been sent out, the first people to get back to the website, confirm and print their tickets and call us with their final phone confirmation are the ones enjoy the show. Please note: Adding your name to the wish list does not mean you have tickets. Do NOT go to the studio, as your name will NOT be on the studio list.

Why is there an age minimum and which show's have them?

Age minimums, believe it or not, are in place for everyone's benefit. It's nothing personal, folks, just a helpful tool to keep things running smoothly on set. Production moves very quickly and a crying baby or hyperactive child can be disastrous to a shoot. The content of a particular show can also be a factor in determining the current age minimum. Adults can have a hard time sitting still for the length of the taping, let alone a 6 year old. Almost all shows have an age minimum, to locate the current age minimum for a show refer to its corresponding show page. The age minimum can be found below "How to get tickets". See an example here. You can also find the age limit in the column second from the left on our schedule page here.

What if I accompany my kids’ĶAND they're well behaved?

We're sure you're children are perfect angels’Ķ EVERYONE'S ARE!

A studio is definitely an environment like no other, with a highly-charged atmosphere that can make even a FULL GROWN ADULT overexcited! But Show tapings move very quickly and with the level of excitement and energy, both kids and adults can get swept up’Ķ and have a hard time sitting still.

The age minimums are not arbitrary numbers and are based on the producer and director's past experiences as to what reaction they will get from specific types of audiences. MORE MORE MORE

We have heard every reason why your child should be the exception to the rule, so please (in the spirit of fairness) don't ask.. Age minimums MUST be universally enforced.

Showing Up

Where are the different studios?

All over the place! Contrary to popular belief, most studios are NOT located in one specific area.

In and around Los Angeles, for example, there are clusters of studios throughout Hollywood (CBS, Sunset/Gower, Paramount), Burbank (Warner Brothers, NBC) Culver City (Sony), and even further outlying areas such as Long Beach.

In New York, too, it's pretty much the same story. Although some studios may require a bit more travel time then others, don't worry! ALL are conveniently located.

Cash's Hot Tip:

If you don't have a specific FAVORITE Show and you're only going to be here for a short visit, pick an area of the city you want to explore or do something specific in’Ķmatch it to a studio in the area and see what's filming there. That way you get to do EVERYTHING. Click Here.

How do I find and get to the studio?

On your printed ticket, you will find the address for the studio at which the taping will take place. There is also a map to help you along. If you have access to the Internet while you are in town, we definitely recommend doing a Yahoo Map or Mapquest search for your particular studio destination BEFORE getting on the road. These can be VERY detailed and are updated frequently. If you are staying in a hotel and not able to obtain access to the Internet, simply ask your Concierge for help.

Isn't it strange that an ABC show films at NBC?

Yes it is! But it makes sense! Studio space is VERY limited and valuable in Hollywood, so if the studio of one network is currently full, they may choose to rent out a stage from the studio of one of their competitors. It just good business sense, as it enables EVERYONE to keep up with their tight production schedules.

So don't worry trying to figure out why you're seeing an ABC show filming at NBC, don't you think that people who work for Pepsi occasionally drink Coke.! Both are a fairly common occurrence, so don't make much of it.

What does the arrival time mean?

Lets break down each part. Arrival, from the Latin: Arrivas meaning "getting to a place". Time, from the Greek: Teme meaning "when you need to be somewhere". Put them together and you get "when you need to be at a place" Basically it's the time you need to be at the studio by so they can check you in. If you get there after the arrival time you may be placed on standby or may even be turned away. Don't risk it, plan on arriving early so as not to chance it.

When should we arrive?

You want to make sure your in line with your printed tickets no later than the "Arrival Time". Anything before that is always a good idea though. A lot of people agree that one of the best parts about going to see a live tv show is meeting and talking the other people either in line with them or sitting next to them at the show. So come early and Enjoy the Experience..

Does it mean anything to arrive really early?

As with the answers to most these questions, it depends. Many factors go into where youll be seated in the studio. Size of your group, place in line, # of VIPs, and even how nice you are to the pages. Arriving early certainly can help you get a better seat but its not a guarantee. To get the best seats possible: have all members of your party in line early, and have fun. Show enthusiasm, let the page know you came all the way from Nebraska to see the show, tell the page she looks just like your granddaughter, etc . If you are early, fun and make nice with the page, you should get a great seat.

Do times or schedules ever change?

Despite our pleas and wishes, all the time. Production is unlike any other business and can change frequently. That's one of the biggest benefits of getting tickets through us. If you sign up for a show with us and there's a change we'll let you know asap. If you Get tickets by mail or on the street there is no way to notify you of any changes.

What if a show cancels?

Unfortunately this does happen occasionally. When a show cancels we will let you know immediately and try to get you into another taping if we can.

Is parking free at the show

Some shows provide parking on the lot, some don't. The show description page will discuss all parking info we know of. Sometimes street parking is all that is available, sometimes there is a parking lot near by you can pay for parking at. Los Angeles has many different types of parking restrictions so make sure you carefully read any and all posted signs regarding whether its ok to park in a certain spot.

What if I got a parking ticket

Unlike TV tickets, parking tickets will cost you money. Be very careful where you park. Neither the show you are attending nor the Studio you are attending the show at will reimburse you for parking tickets. Los Angeles has many different types of parking restrictions so make sure you carefully read any and all posted signs regarding whether its ok to park in a certain spot. Also note that since most tapings take 3-4 hours parking in a 2 hour or less zone will most likely result in a ticket.

Cash's Hot Tip:

Avoid Being Broken Into!

If you're parking on a city street make sure that you don't have valuables visible insider the car. Don't look like a mobil tourist motel’Ķthat's sure to attract being broken into.

Is there much walking?

Depends on the show. Some have parking right next to the line you'll join, some you may have to hunt down a spot and walk a block or two. We recommend dropping off at the line any members of your party who are unable to walk from the car. Then you park the car and meet them online.

Is the studio handicap accessible?

Unless otherwise noted, yes. Let a page know any accommodations you may need when you arrive.

Stepping Onto the Set!

Is there a "dress code" at the studio?

Most shows do not require a specific dress but some do. Make sure you read any and all information regarding whether the show your going to has a dress code. As a general rule don't wear any clothes with logos or excessive amounts of white. Also dress warm, most studios are kept very cold to offset the heat generated by stage lights.

Do I need my ticket to get in?

Do you need a tickets for a movie, concert, play, etc’Ķ OF COURSE you need your printed ticket. If your having trouble printing your ticket call the office at 323-653-4105 and we'll be happy to fax the tickets to you.

How long is the wait online before entering the studio

Typically between 45 to 85 minutes. This may seem like a boring time but it doesn't have to be.

How long am I at a show for?

The general rule is 3 to 4 hours. 10-20 minutes to find parking and walk to the line, 45 to 85 minutes in the line while the studio is prepared and everyone is brought through security, 15 to 45 minutes of warm up (many shows, though not all, hire a "warm-up" guy (usually a stand-up comic or otherwise funny person) to get the audience in the mood and explain what will be going on in a fun way), 1 to 2 hours of the show taping, and 10 minutes to get back to your car. Remember this is an approximation. Also note: many if not most people are so caught up in the excitement of everything that the taping seems to last only 2 minutes, we refer to this condition as "HAD-a-GREAT-TIME-itis" this is completely normal and your perception of time should return to normal shortly.

What if I want to leave early?

Please plan on being at the studio for 3 to 4 hours without leaving. Short of an emergency we ask that you don't leave early, this is for a number of reasons. First off it can disrupt a taping for someone to leave in the middle of it. Second is that there were probably people who wanted tickets and would stay the whole time but all tickets were given out. Third is that the shows count on the energy the audience provides and if people leave midway through it can affect that energy and hurt the show.

Who are those people organizing the lines?

Those people are either PAGES or AUDIENCE COORDINATORS. Pages are a great entry level position at a studio and the job is often a stepping stone to more. Many of your favorite actors, writers, directors, and producers all started as pages.

Can I get a job like that?


Page for each Studio

Every studio has a webpage just for career info. Below find links to the biggest job sites around.


Do they check ID?

Yes. For security and age restrictive reasons shows will usually check your ID. We realize that most kids under driving age will not have a state ID. In this case please bring a passport if available or a student ID and birth certificate. Not every show will check ID's every time but it more often than not. Don't risk being turned away bring ID.

Can I bring a camera? Backpack? Food?

Don't let anyone try telling you can't bring cameras, backpacks or food into the studio because of security issues or camera flashes ruining the filming’Ķit's mosty because they don't want you feeding those gemlins living under the bleacher chairs that got away during filming years and years ago. They wreck havic with the sets. Really though Friends, don't try bringing them in, the security people will probably just have you go all the way back to your car to return them’Ķand in the meantime, the taping will have begun already and there's no more seats left. So the easy solution is, "Don't bring them". I know, when you see someone with one AND getting away with taking a picture you're going to ...

The TV Show Experience!

How do I get Front Row seats?

Many factors go into where youll be seated in the studio. Size of your group, place in line, # of VIPs, and even how nice you are to the pages. Arriving early certainly can help you get a better seat but its not a guarantee. To get the best seats possible: have all members of your party in line early, and have fun. Show enthusiasm, let the page know you came all the way from Nebraska to see the show, tell the page she looks just like your granddaughter, etc . If you are early, fun and make nice with the page, you should get a great seat.

Let me not bring up the casting couch.

How many people does an audience hold?

The answer to this is completely dependent on the show. Some audiences hold 300+, some hold just a few.

What is the temperature like inside the studio?

Its like a freezer. Studio lights generate an enormous amount of heat. In order to keep the actors and other people working under those lights from melting the air conditioning is run full blast. This can be a wonderful treat during summer or a bit uncomfortable during winter, make sure you bring a jacket or sweater to any taping so you can enjoy the show without turning into a Popsicle.

What's expected of me as an audience member?

Are contestants picked from the audience?

Price is Right Tickets
Right now just Price is Right picks their contestants from the audience.
You can go to ’Ķ... for more info.
In the past, shows like Let's Make A Deal

We are coming in just to see this show and you do something special for us

First off, due to the tsk nature of production, show schedules can change frequently. Although most the time schedules do not change they can without any warning, sometimes close to or on the taping date. Coming in just to see a taping is rarely recommended because of this. Second, hundreds of people a day use our tickets and we cant really play favorites by doing something special for you. That said, let the page know that you came just for the taping, be friendly and personable without getting in their way, and its possible they may be able to help you out.

Do you have food and beverages at the studio?

Not usually and please don't bring your own. Nothing ruins a taping more than wrappers crinkling, chips crunching, or soda slurping. Plan on eating before or after the show. Visit our "Things to do around the studio" link to see some dining choices near the show.

Will I get to meet the stars?

No. Well maybe. Probably not though. The celebrities are at work, typically when they're done filming they're still not done working. Often times a shoot day will go well beyond eight, ten, or even twelve hours. As charming and exciting to get to know as you are, the shows stars are tired and want to go home. Just like you after a long day of work.

After the show is finished filming

Will I get to meet the stars?

No. Well maybe. Probably not though. The celebrities are at work, typically when they're done filming they're still not done working. Often times a shoot day will go well beyond eight, ten, or even twelve hours. As charming and exciting to get to know as you are, the shows stars are tired and want to go home. Just like you after a long day of work. LINK TO STUDIO INSIDER BOOKLETS’ĶBIG NAME AUTOGRAPH HUNTING IN’Ķ.

Nicest Stars

Worst Stars

What does it mean to be a star

How about autographs? Can I get one?

Although there is exception to every rule not usually. The stars are there doing theyre job and don't have time to sign autographs for all who would want them. Visit our "How to get an autograph" link to see how to get your favorite celebrities autograph TSK’Ķ

When will the show I was at air?

The fact is were not the best ones to ask about this. Some shows like The Tonight Show air the day they're taped, some like Price is right are taped weeks in advance. The best way to find out when the show will be on is to ask at the studio. Once you know, tell all your friends to watch, with slow motion on most tivos and vcrs its very possible you could get a couple of seconds of fame.

For the latest information on upcoming Film & TV adventures, don't forget to put yourself on our TVTix/BeInAMovie Email List!

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