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20th Century-Fox

The newest insigne of a large organization is “20th Century-Fox.” When Darryl Zanuck started as an independent producer, Sam Engel, a writer, suggested the name “20th Century” to him he adopted it at once. When he merged with the Fox Film Corporation to make one producing unit, “Fox” was added at the base of the trademark where it fitted perfectly. The insigne typifies the latest influence towards modern novel modern effects in lettering and treatment. On the screen is depicting a huge statue with the name of the company carved out of a great block, a background of skyscrapers and plane shadows in the distance with great searchlights playing over the scene. This treatment is called “animation” a descriptive term credited to William Goetz. The result is an impression of stability, new ideas and aspiration to always-higher achievement.

There is a musical score too accompanying the flash of a studio insigne, which features the drums in a striking and unusual way. It was compose by Alfred Newman and is a little gem of musical scoring.

Films Produced by 20th Century-Fox

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